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Located approximately 15 miles east of the Continental Divide in “Big Sky” country.

We offer exceptional service and personal attention in the repair, restoration and audio upgrading of stereo Hi-Fi power amplifiers and preamplifiers as our specialty.  Our goal is to provide audiophiles and music lovers with the best performance from their audio systems.  We strive for quality and integrity in everything we do.


Brands we service:  ADCOM, Creek, Denon, Harman Kardon (Citation), Luxman, Marantz, McIntosh, Musical Fidelity, Onkyo Integra, Parasound, Rotel, Yamaha  ...and more!  Please contact us for other brands.

Specialists in classic and vintage stereo power amplifier audio upgrades, repair & restoration including ADCOM GFA-545/555/565/585/5400/5500 series, Harman Kardon Citation 16/16A, Parasound HCA-2200/2200II, HCA-2205A, HCA-3500, HCA-1500A, Rotel RB-960/-970/-980/-990/-1080 series.  Audio upgrade modifications using premium audio grade parts are included in all amplifier restorations.  We also perform audio upgrades on the Parasound P/LD-1100, P/LD-2000 preamplifiers along with Harman Kardon Citation 17/17S preamplifiers.

Superb audio upgrades available for Parasound Halo A21, A23, A51 & A52 power amplifiers. 


*** Please click on the AUDIO UPGRADES tab at the top of any page to learn more about our audio upgrades. Information on our most popular products for upgrades are located further down on that page ***     


 Authorized Warranty Service Center for Parasound





We are a fully-equipped audio service facility utilizing Audio Precision, Leader, Sencore, Stanford Research Systems, and Tektronix test equipment. 



  Our newest audio analyzer, the Stanford Research Systems SR1+.



BSA Newfoundland Dog "Tia" (2003-2015)



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